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Price per Unit2,77 €
Price per Unit2,77 €
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The YourBox composer allows you to decorate YourBox folding boxes. To use the YourBox composer requires no registration. The YourBox website and service provides the YourBox composer free of charge.

Third party Copyrights YourBox provides a large amount of fonts, symbols, pictograms, images and textures.

All fonts and sysmbols are freely redistributable and available at no charge and showed no copyright notice. The use of fonts, symbols, pictograms, images and textures provided by YourBox is limited to the YourBox service and are not redistributed in part or whole and may only be used together with the YourBox composer.

If copyright infringement is claimed or copyright enforcement is presented, the YourBox team will thorroughly examine the claim and in case of legitimate and justified entitlements the copyrighted material will be excluded from the YourBox service.

Conditions of Use Everybody has the right to read, to copy, to print or to distribute informations provided on the YourBox website unless stated otherwise and with respect to the following conditions:

Information copied from the YourBox website may be used solely for non commercial purposes. Any data copied from the YourBox website has to contain a notice referring to the owner of the intellectual property or the representative exercising the intellectual properties rights, which is Datapat GmbH YourBox.

Without prior written consent information copied from the YourBox website may not be altered or modified. The intellectual property owner reserves the right to withdraw written consent at any time and to prohibit any further utilisation.

By accessing, browsing or downloading any part of this site or its content, or posting or uploading to this site, or any other use of this site and its content, whether as a registered user or an unregistered visitor, you agree to comply with these Terms (which form a contract between you and YourBox) and all relevant applicable laws.

Copyright YourBox retains the title to and copyright on design images, pictograms, icons, videos and the YourBox composer. YourBox reserves all rights for republishing and distribution either digital or analog in parts or whole.

Warranty and Disclaimer The YourBox webportal is free of charge and requires no registration. YourBox gives no warranty for the service and/or the software distributed with it to the extent permitted by applicable law. Except when otherwise stated in writing the copyright holders and/or other parties provide the software ``AS IS'' without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the service and software is with you. Should the program prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.

Liability Information on this site is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. You expressly agree that the use of the YourBox service and website is at your sole risk. Information on this Web site may contain typographical errors, technical inaccuracies or other errors and may be changed at any time without notice. YourBox has a policy of continuous improvement of services and reserves the right to make improvements or changes to services without notice.

To the extend permmitted by law, YourBox will not be responsible for direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage

YourBox shall not be liable for any losses you suffer as a result of unauthorised access to your YourBox account or YourBox forum until such time as you have informed YourBox of any unauthorised use of your account, username and password.

Legal Validity These terms and conditions apply to Datapat GmbH YourBox.

If any provision of these terms is held to be unenforceable, the unenforceable provision shall be deemed to be replaced by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision. This shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

The headings in these Terms are for convenience only and shall have no effect on the construction of these terms.

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