Your own design and decor
Price per Unit2,77 €
Price per Unit2,77 €
Here you may have a first glance on what YourBox is all about. How to use it. What to consider and keep in mind? How to order? Are motives and images free? Do I have to register to use the YourBox composer?

  • The YourBox composer may be used freely without registration.
  • The YourBox composer shows four different panels:
    • Top left: applicable functions on objects.
    • Top right: cutting die and face selector
    • Top right: 3D preview
    • Bottom right: object properties

Pick a boxtype of your choice from the menu Click and Decorate on the left and start to decorate with the YourBox composer right away.

Register & Login

  • You may sign in to YourBox at any time. The button LOGIN on the
    upper right corner in the main menu will open a login-in form. As
    soon as you are registered and logged in, the button will show a
    shopping cart. The YourBox composer may as well be used and
    tested without signing in.
  • After your registration, YourBox will set up your personal YourBox
    account. Your personal account is a repository for all your decos,
    designs and orders. It will keep designs you ordered in an archive
    as well as designs in your shopping card you didn't order yet.
  • Designs in your repository may be used as a template for new ones
    and may be put back in the YourBox composer with a single click.

Symbols, Fonts, Images

  • Any symbol, image, background you find in the YourBox composer
    object tools may be used to decorate YourBox boxes without charge.
  • Your own uploaded images remain your property and will not be
    touched by the YourBox team.


  • Any design or composition may be placed in the composer as many
    times as you wish. You may then change the design, replace parts or
    personalize the design with different text and names.
  • Many different boxes of the same kind with different decors mean
    just one single print run. The number of boxtypes are counted
    not the number of different decors.
  • e.g. 30 different designs for winesleeves or slim boxes will mean
    a print run of 30 for us but 30 individual results for you.

Order, Shipment and Payment

  • You may order any number of units per decor and you may
    even have as many different shipping addresses as you wish.
    Let us do the shipping.
    The YourBox shopping cart will calculate your total price on the fly.
  • VAT and shipping costs are displayed seperately.
  • Billing is per invoice. Bill-to address is shown and is managed
    seperately to ship-to addresses in the YourBox shopping card.
  • You may change any parts of the addresses you entered yourself at any time.


  • YourBox offers six different folding boxtypes at this time:
    (Gift-Cube, Winesleeve, Small Box, Big Box, Tentcard, Businesscardcase).
  • New boxes are under development.
  • Talk to us about boxes, cases or cartons you'd like to see in YourBox.
    We'd be happy to set up the cutting die and composer for your box.

Questions & Answers

  • Q: how to copy an object on the current canvas?
  • A: open the object menu with a doubleclick on the object or press key c
  • Q: how to obtain exact object movement?
  • A: click on the object to select it. Use the cursor keys to move the object.
    Hold down the ALT key simultaniously and the cursor keys will move the
    object pixel by pixel or enter an exact position in the X and Y coordinate
    fields located in the geometry panel.
  • Q: what are the YourBox length, height, width units?
  • A: Any unit is related to the cavas size on the screen. The canvas size is
  • Q: my YourBox composer does not work?!
  • A: YourBox is a HTML5 and WebGL application. WebGL is present in
    Firefox 4+, Google Chrome 9+, Opera 12+ and Safari 5.1+. We are sorry
    but without t won't work.

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